Nobody wants to suffer the stress and strain that comes from pests invading your home, knowing how to spot the signs early can make sure you prevent a full scale infestation.

With an average of 25 years’ experience in each employee, we offer pest control London citizens can rely on. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice any of the following:


Rodents and other unwelcome critters will seek to make their nests in warm and secluded areas, so take special care to be on the look out when you’re cleaning your property.

They particularly like spaces behind appliances, under the furniture, holes in the floor and skirting boards, loft spaces, sheds, and outhouses. If you spot any signs of a nest, call pest control immediately to prevent an infestation from developing.


It’s obviously difficult to see bug droppings, but if you have a mouse, rat, or other small rodent infestation then the droppings will be obvious to you. Don’t make the mistake of presuming it’s just normal dirt.

Avoid any contact with the droppings if possible. Rodent droppings are known to contain a host of undesirable bacteria that could seriously damage your health. To make sure the excrement is disposed of properly, call in pest control who can help further search for signs of infestation.


If you’ve begun to notice little bite marks in food packaging that have been left on the counter, or if you’ve suspected lately that your electrics may be broken then you could have an infestation.

Pests love to sink their teeth into electrical wires, furniture, and skirting boards. It’s essential to take these signs seriously. It may seem easy to replace a kettle, but if they get into your home’s electrical system, it could be an expensive problem.

Don’t put it off

Many of the largest infestations come as a result of subtle signals that were ignored. It’s always best to play it safe, so make sure you call pest control if you have any suspicions.

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