It can be hard to decide whether are mice cute or gross. These tiny rodents can be quite innocent looking but don’t be deceived, mice in Eau Claire and throughout Wisconsin will take advantage of any small openings to get inside homes as the weather begins to cool off in this fall. And once inside, these small and yet resourceful critters are likely to cause a lot of problems making them one of the most dangerous fall pests homeowners must contend with.

There are many problems associated with having a mouse infestation and unfortunately they can be quite threatening to home and health.  On top of the threats that each individual mouse is capable of, they also breed rapidly which means that the danger level rises significantly once there are multiple mice running through the walls of the home. Some of the dangers of a mouse in the house include:

  • Contamination of food and surfaces from urine and droppings.
  • Spread of bacteria and harmful diseases including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.
  • Extensive damage to structures, furniture and personal belongings from their constant gnawing.
  • Risk of electrical fire if mice find electrical equipment to gnaw on.

Clearly, these tiny, perhaps cute faced rodents have no business being inside of your home. So if you are living inEau Claire, Green Bay, or elsewhere in Wil-Kil’s service area, be sure that you call in for help when it comes to getting rid of mice. This is not a task that you want to take on yourself which is why Wil-Kil has designed a pest control program that not only gets rid of mice and other common household pests but also provides protection against future infestations.

To learn more about Wil-Kil’s home pest control and how we can eliminate the threat mice pose to your home and family, please contact us today.