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For many, the biggest concern when it comes to pest control is cost. The
Price of pest control will depend on various factors, not least the species of
Pest you need removed, whether it be the cost for bedbug removal, cockroach
Extermination or mice and rat eradication, as well as the severity of the infestation

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we will look at the number of visits that are required, as well as how high the infestation is, for example, a wasp nest can normally be treated in one visit, but an infestation of mice can take up to three visits, sometimes more depending on the severity of the problem

treatment type

the price will also vary depending on the treatment that we use, with mice you might just want to eradicate the problem but to avoid further problems you can decide to have the proofing work done which will make the cost higher, also we offer a heat treatment for bedbugs which is a lot pricier but also the quickest and fully guaranteed

pest species

A treatment for wasps is going to be cheaper than that for mice, this is because it requires Less work, bedbug treatment is more costly than other standard pest control work as they Are notoriously difficult to eradicate. So if its cockroaches,rats,mice,wasps or bedbugs will Determine the cost


CCS Pest control always guarantees there work so that your covered if the first treatment Isn’t effective.

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