Pest Control: The 4-Step Plan For Getting Rid Of Rats And Other Pests

We all know that pests are an enemy to our health, hygiene and homes. Getting rid of pests is usually very hard, mostly because homeowners don’t have a clue about what to do next and keep buying the same products trusting that they will make the pests disappear.

If you want a permanent pest control though, you must learn the basics about dealing with these pests. Today, we are sharing the 5 most essential steps in this journey.

Step 1: Inspect your home for pests

The first and foremost step to proper pest control is sanitation, inspection and exclusion. All of these techniques are a great start to get rid of the pests and make it difficult for them to enter your home or structure.

Make sure to see if there are any holes, burrows, weird smell or gaps the size of a quarter or larger. The best way to inspect is to use rodent proof materials such as hardware clothes and install metal weather stripping under the doors to remove these gaps.

Step 2: Remove food sources from your property

Pests need a little food to survive weeks and months. Make sure to remove all garbage cans and pick fruits, nuts and vegetables as they ripen. Avoid storing your food in garages in order to establish proper pest control.

Step 3: Use traps rather than poison bait – both inside and outside your home

Even though most people would say that pest control outside should use poison bait and inside only traps, we believe that the Goodnature traps are a solution that permanently kills pests both inside and outside – without any chemicals and with a self-resetting system after each kill.

Step 4: Get rid of pest habitats

Last but not least is the step where you practice pest control after pests are gone. It is very important to remove trash and debris, stack woodpiles, lumber and household items at least 18 inches above the ground and 12 inches away from fences – and spot any potential pest hiding places.

In the end, we all know that seeing even one pest can be a sign for the need of proper pest control. Usually, pests live as entire families in your home’s basement, walls or in between stored items – being active at night when you are less likely to notice them.

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