Certainly in city locations, you’re never too far away from a rat.  Throughout London, their numbers have fluctuated as of late and we’re seeing more and more situations where they simply chew through the air vents of houses to gain entry.

Bearing in mind that rats have extremely sharp teeth, they actually need to gnaw on hard objects, which might include plastics, woods and even metals.  They gnaw in order to maintain manageable tooth length.  Come on, we’ve all heard the expression ‘long in the tooth’.  So controlling rats is not quite as simple as blocking off air vents and other entrances into your building or office.  You need to consider using stronger metal air vents and if you do see that your existing plastic vents have chew and gnaw marks, who you gonna call?

Fully trained and accredited, CCS Pest Control provides effective rat killer, rat control and rat infestation prevention services, keeping businesses and houses rat-free throughout London.

But bear in mind though, rats aren’t the only rodent pests commonly known to force entry into buildings and mice and squirrels can also be just as cunning.  So keep a lookout for small entry points, gnaw and bite marks and of course, droppings, as these visitors certainly don’t have the greatest of manners and they can pose a serious threat to human health too.

For more information on rat, mouse and squirrel control, as well as all other animal and insect pests including flying ants, bedbugs, wasp nests and cockroach control speak to CCS Pest Control.

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