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CCS Environmentals can assure you that we will handle your pest problem in a very professional way, so you can concentrate on your business. CCS Environmental is your trusted partner in commercial pest control
We follow the best practices of pest control for business management and highest code of conduct. Moreover, we apply highly proven pest control methods and guarantee early detection, full monitoring, and pointy treatment to help your business overcome pest problems as effectively as possible.

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enables us to support the most complicated type of commercial and business types, with the commitment to deliver a high-quality pest control service. We recognize the importance of building long-term business relationships therefore, we always concentrate on quality performance.
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    Common Pest Control

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    Cockroaches aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they can also trigger allergies, spread germs and bacteria....
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    Those of you who suffer with arachnophobia will no doubt be terrified at the thought of a spider infestation....


    Woodworms are not actually a species of worm at all. In fact, woodworm are the larvae of several species of beetle...
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    Mice can chew through all manner of materials and can damage property and potentially cause power outages and fire risks...


    Rats can damage local eco-systems, they spread disease, they can be aggressive and bite, they breed incredibly fast and effectively...
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    Flies/Flying Pests

    Flies have no immediate harm to humans; however, they are major carriers of disease and can invade all types of premises...


    Silverfish are not actually fish at all, but rather, a species of insect that commonly invades homes and properties during many months of the year...
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    Ants can bite, and can be venomous, Moreover, they can cause structural damage as they can chew through electrical wiring, which could pose a fire risk..


    Bedbugs can bite and cause allergic reactions, they can damage your property, they can spread disease, and they can pose numerous other health and safety risks as well...
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    Fleas can bite and feed on humans as well as animals, and they are notorious for spreading illness and disease wherever they exists....


    Needless to say, textile pests such as brownhouse moths and warehouse moths, can cause extensive damage to fabrics and materials in homes and businesses...


    Ladybirds are typically small winged, and predominantly red insects with black spots on their backs...

    Our services

    cover the below sectors


    Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant, catering, or hospitality business. We know that a rodent-free environment is very important and essential for you to be able to manage, deliver, and serve your customers. CCS Environmental has placed a pest early detection, eradication, and protection system that gives you the guarantee to protect your HORECA business.


    Learning premises should always be places where students feel protected. At CCS Environmental we take extra care when working with schools and educational institutions to keep them safe from pests.
    At school, a pest infestation can cause panic among students, teachers, and parents, moreover, it will seriously damage the school's reputation. As your local pest experts, our technicians are familiar with the most common pests in your school and university.


    Regulations obligate food sector and industry operators to prevent animals and pests from causing contamination by taking the appropriate and adequate measures. We understand these restricted measures, therefore CCS takes care of every single detail in regards to the plant and grounds protection against food contamination, sanitary operations for food manufacturing, pest screening against rodents, pests excluding from food processing areas, rubbish and offal disposal in a way that minimizes the potential of pests breeding.


    The risks pests and rodents show in offices can escalate very quickly. Especially from parties, employees food remainings, or via embassy canteen. We have a long experience in dealing with embassies and diplomatic missions moreover we understand the risk emerging from having insects and rodents and how bad this will affect the embassy diplomatic reputation. CCS Environments is proud to apply the latest technologies, the best pest control solutions, and fast service to keep employees and workers protected.


    Care homes are considered a challenging environment when it comes to pest control. The presence of pests in care home premises can be problematic, especially for vulnerable people and elders with pre-existing health problems, and this can have a serious impact on the lives of visitors, workers and residents too. Our technicians will maintain the highest possible hygiene standards, especially in care homes. From ants, cockroaches, wasps, bed bugs, rats, and fleas control.


    No real estate agent will be happy to be labeled as careless when it comes to pests. Therefore as a real estate agent, you must be sure that all the properties you are responsible for are pest-free and have a scheduled pest control inspections for rent or sale. CCS Environmentals property Inspectors are licensed, experienced, certified to guarantee that your properties to be pest-free. We provide our technicians with continual training and use the latest technology and products to deliver a fast response.


    Whether you are running a retail store, restaurant, or shop. We know that a rodent-free environment is very important and essential to you to be able to manage, deliver, and serve your customers and clients. CCS Environmental has placed a pest early detection, eradication, and protection system that gives you the guarantee to protect your business. We use the latest technology, most effective product, and we have licenced experts to help over come your pest problem.


    The risks pests and rodents show in offices can escalate very quickly. Especially from office parties, employees food remainings, or via company canteen. Rodents, flying and crawling insects can spread diseases and may cause damage to company buildings. With over 200 corporate contracts CCS Environments can assure your business hygiene and protection against all kinds of pests. We apply the latest technologies and the best pest control solutions to keep your offices, company, business, employees, and workers protected.


    If you do not effectively and continuously control pests at your warehouse or storage location, you take the risk of diseases spread, damage to property, contamination of stored products, increased negative public opinion, and worst prosecution and business closure. Why taking that risk. Call CCS Environment and have peace of mind when it comes to pests eradication and control at your warehouse or storage area. Our team offers you a very effective, fast, and reliable 5 stars service.